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New series set to reach Climax

He’s Dash, Jim Dash and if the creators of a new web series have anything to say about it, he’ll be the secret agent everyone’s talking about on the Canadian TV landscape. It’s called Climax SK and both the name and the storyline were just too good to pass up for the show’s writer, director and […]

Bidulka to Set Free his latest novel

It’s said often that “The truth will set you free” but could lies do the same? That’s the question that centers Anthony Bidulka’s latest offering to the literary world. Set Free is the story of writer, Jaspar Wills, who travels to Morocco for work. When he arrives in Marrakech he is immediately abducted.  “We learn quickly that […]

Local grindhouse flick aims to please

It’s scary, bloody and down right funny. Instruments of Evil is the latest production by Saskatoon’s Eye Catcher Films. The feature length film is made up of three separate 20 minute stories that all converge into one, kinda like a Tarantino flick. The premise is police are investigating several musical instruments which seem to be involved in […]