YXE Underground: Little podcast with huge heart

*trailer from this past season of YXE Underground

“Podcasting is a powerful way for us to connect on a deeper level. Whether it’s through the stories of YXE Underground, or helping others tell their own stories, I’m privileged to be a part of it all.

When he began podcasting 4 years ago, Eric Anderson could never have imagined the impact that YXE Underground would have on the community. The show shines a light on the unsung heroes in Saskatoon and area and has grown with more than 30,000 downloads since it began. It’s also made Anderson a mentor. In addition to creating his own content, the veteran broadcaster is lending his talents to organizations like Family Services Saskatoon and Saskatoon Sexual Health to create their own podcasts.

Host Eric Anderson tackles everything from affordable housing to protecting the natural prairie in YXE Underground Season 4.(Rona Andreas)

“They are eager to share stories in their own words and I’m thrilled to do anything I can to help them reach their podcasting goals,” says Anderson. “It’s been wonderful working with many different organizations who recognize the power of their own stories.”

Anderson’s contributions don’t end with education, he’s harnessed the popularity of YXE Underground to create change. When Prairie Harm Reduction’s supervised consumption site failed to get provincial funding in April, he got to work selling his podcast t-shirts. The campaign raised nearly $4000 for the organization.

“I’ve had the fortune of doing a few episodes featuring the staff of Prairie Harm Reduction. They are doing such important work in our community. I’m grateful to the listeners for their support YXE Underground and helping out in such a meaningful way.”

The podcast focuses on the unsung heroes who make the community vibrant and inclusive. (Rona Andreas)

Season 4 of YXE Underground dives into the world of affordable housing. Conversations with people on the front lines like Jordan Mills from Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service who’s helping those most vulnerable find safe places to call home. The podcast will also visit Katie and Aaron Suek on the native prairie land they are trying to protect through their project Restoring 71. Anderson hopes the audience will meet these incredible leaders, learn something new about their community and have a little fun along the way.

“I’m grateful to all of my guests for sharing their stories and giving us a glimpse into their lives,” he says. “And to the listener, I’m so thankful that they continue to be curious about what’s happening in our community. We are stronger together when we take the time to listen and learn.”

You can subscribe for FREE to YXE Underground on Apple, Google, Spotify and wherever you find your favourite podcasts. You can also stream episodes on the website. Here’s the link.