• 2017 GTNT Vegas Vacation/ Britainy Zapshalla

GTNT’s Kohkoms are off to Sin City

Christmas comes early for the Kohkoms and they know EXACTLY where to spend it!

 It’s a holiday tradition for Gordon Tootoosis Nīkānīwin Theatre, The Rez Christmas series is back this time for a Vegas Vacation. The story may be familiar, but there are some big changes going on behind the scenes for the theatre company.

For the first time, GTNT’s newly minted leader, Jennifer Dawn Bishop will be in the director’s chair. Bishop is breaking new ground for the theatre. At 32, she is one of the youngest artistic directors in the country. “When I started in GTNT’s Circle of Voices program in 1999, I was 13, it hooked me on theatre.” Says Bishop, “My plan is to continue on with the great legacy of quality theatre that Gordon Tootoosis gave us.”


2017 GTNT Vegas Vacation 2 / Britainy Zapshalla

(L-R) Corey Dallas Standing, Allana Dorian and Mitchell Poundmaker star in GTNT’s Vegas Vacation. (Britainy Zapshalla)

Bishop says the latest production Vegas Vacation- A Rez Christmas Story follows that mission to a ‘T’. When the story begins, we find the three Kohkoms, Zula, Claire Bear and Sihkos receive their residential school settlements early. The women decide to celebrate by doing something different, something just for themselves. They pack their bags for Las Vegas.

“This show is all about joy and fun as the ladies head to the biggest Bingo game in North America.”

“This show is all about joy and fun as the ladies head to the biggest Bingo game in North America,” explains Bishop. “Will they meet their fantasy guys like Tom Jones? The crowd may need to watch out for flying bloomers!”

Bishop is excited to debut with this piece. “I’ve been involved with the Kohkoms’ adventures in the past and there’s a certain amount of comfort working with many of the cast who are returning to reprise their roles.” She says, “Crowds love these shows, it’s just a special experience around the holidays.”

Vegas Vacation: A Rez Christmas Story will run at the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon Dec. 6 – 10, 2017. Tickets are $15 – $20.

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