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A new vampire queen in Toontown

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The Stakelander returns in this locally shot sequel. (Provided)

Ask Kristina Hughes what scares her and she’ll tell you point blank, it’s movies like the one she has just made here in Saskatchewan. “I’m really avoid scary movies,” she explains. “I don’t tend to watch them but having made this movie, I think I’ll be able to take it because I know all the jumpy parts!”

The Stakelander is a sequel to 2010’s Stakelander and the series has quickly gained a cult following. In this world vampires have taken over the world and their race is quickly starting to mutate. The sequel picks up 10 years after the first movie ended. There’s a new villain on the scene. Lilitha, played by Hughes, is called the mother vampire and. She’s older, stronger and she has the power to organize her thoughts into action.

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Kristina Hughes stars as vampire mother Lilitha in The Stakelander. (provided)

Led by Lilitha, the vampires bring about a new Armageddon on the world and it’s up to heroes Mister (Nick Damici) and Martin (Connor Paolo) to save the day. “The stakes are higher for Martin in this movie,” says Hughes. “He has a family now and has been protecting them in this world everyday.”

The jumpy parts that Hughes fears are plentiful in this sequel. Directors Dan Berk and Robert Olsen pride themselves on letting the audience have free reign with their imaginations. “They are so good at not showing,” says Hughes. “You see bodies being dragged off of the road, but you never see what’s dragging them.”

This is sure to please horror audiences and its also a small boost in the Saskatchewan film community. The industry took a big hit in 2012 with the elimination of the Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit. Hughes hopes that seeing films being made in this province is encouraging to the acting community and to future filmmakers. “The filmmaking process brings new people to the province,” says Hughes. “We’ve now introduced them to the province and hopefully the experience will bring them back to make more movies here.”

If you’d like to see The Stakelander, a special screening is being held to celebrate Saskatchewan Film Week. You can see the movie free at The Roxy Theatre Wednesday Nov. 23, 7p.m. All you need to do is bring a donation to the food bank.

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