SSO shares the Benefits of Bach

Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra music director Eric Paetkau has always gravitated to the works of Johann Sebastian Bach but this year, he’s found a particular solace in his music.

“There’s something that really hits my soul, a warmth in his music that soothes me.”

SSO music director Eric Paetkau has always been fascinated by the life and music of Bach. (Julie Isaac Photography)

“There’s something that really hits my soul, a warmth in his music that soothes me,” says Paetkau. “There’s been a lot of research about how his music and baroque music in general affects our body, heart and mental health.”

The SSO is sharing this musical tonic in its live stream Bach in Brandenburg. The program will highlight three of the six Brandenburg Concertos, works that were gifted to Christian Ludwig the Margrave of Brandenburg in 1721. Now, three centuries later, this performance of concertos 2, 3 and 5 will feature principal oboist Erin Brophy, principal flutist Allison Miller and principal bassoonist Stephanie Unverricht as well as the SSO Brass. Audiences will be surprised at how much of this music is instantly recognizable as many of the concertos are a staple in banquet halls and weddings.

“These works are some of the most significant pieces ever written, Bach’s crown jewels,” says SSO executive director Mark Turner. “They are extremely challenging, meticulous and effervescent pieces and they sound fresh and new every single time.”

In addition to the concert, the SSO is featuring the life, times and music of Bach in its immensely popular online classes April 30. From his 20 children to his quick temper and an all-out duel with his bassoonist, this is one composer you’re going to want to know more about.

Paetkau is delighted to share the music of Bach with this performance and says it might just be the balm we need right now.

“This is all good nourishment in musical form. The beauty and the accessibility of these pieces is unsurpassed,” he says. “This is on performance that you can just let wash over you. I think this concert will hit deeper than many others.”

Bach in Brandenburg

Saturday April 24, 2021


Live Stream

For your tickets and more information on the online Bach class, click here.