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Chefs’ Gala celebrating 10 years highlighting talent and leaving a legacy

A decade is a huge marker for any event on the entertainment scene but for the Chefs’ Gala & Showcase, 10 years is not only about the party at hand, but also about the legacy it creates.

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Each course at the Chefs’ Gala & Showcase is prepared by some of our city’s top chefs. (2017 Chefs’ Gala & Showcase)

The Gala was originally designed as a way to showcase the Saskatoon Chefs’ Association’s annual awards night. What it’s become, however is an evening of not only fine food and awards but also performances by some of the top independent arts groups in our city. Ritornello Chamber Music Festival, Live Five Independent Theatre and Little Opera On the Prairie are all ready to hit the stage for this unforgettable night with a huge impact.

“The money raised from the Chefs’ Gala is a quarter of our operating budget,” says Ritornello’s Jacqueline Woods. “This money allows us to push the envelope of performance. All three of our arts organizations create opportunities for the next generation of performers making sure Saskatoon’s arts scene remains vibrant and healthy.”

Courtney Willick / David Stobbe

Courtney Willick is just one of the performers set to take the stage at this year’s Oscar themed event. (David Stobbe)

“It’s an evening for us to expose our audiences to other art forms that they might not regularly see,” says LOOP’s Anastasia Winterhalt. “This event gives us all a chance to meet the chefs who lead the way in our city and create the foodie culture. It’s also a chance for us to entertain and draw new people in to our shows throughout the year.”

When you’re celebrating a milestone like this, you go big!

The red carpet will be rolled out Saturday Feb. 9, 2019 at the World Trade Centre at Prairieland Park as the artists and chefs pay tribute to the Oscars. Music and theatre performances will honour some of the awards show’s top moments; the good, the bad and the cringe worthy.

The 2019 Chefs’ Gala & Showcase is also a great mentorship for many of the culinary students at Saskatchewan Polytechnic as they work alongside the city’s top chefs. Dishes like albacore ceviche, Peppercorn smoked striploin with a merlot butter sauce, gin & tonic sorbet, and espresso opera torte are sure to please. Click this link for more information.

The ticket deadline for this event is February 1, 2019. 


2019 Chefs’ Gala & Showcase

Saturday February 9, 2019

World Trade Centre – Prairieland Park

Single Tickets $170

Table of 8 $1300