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New series set to reach Climax

He’s Dash, Jim Dash and if the creators of a new web series have anything to say about it, he’ll be the secret agent everyone’s talking about on the Canadian TV landscape.

It’s called Climax SK and both the name and the storyline were just too good to pass up for the show’s writer, director and producer, Evan Godfrey.

Jim Dash/ Climax SK

Actor MacKenzie Gray plays superspy Jim Dash in Climax SK. (provided)

In the series we meet Jim Dash, a super spy who’s been put out to pasture in Climax, Saskatchewan. “Jim is your archetypal spy. He’s used to a life of fast cars, fast women and caviar,” explains Godfrey. “He has an ego about him but his abilities are starting to waiver because of his age” It’s this fish out of water tale that provides the comedy.

Godfrey says his main character finds himself in a small town where everyone knows each other and they find it hard to believe a secret agent would ever find himself in their quirky community.

When it comes to creating the world of the secret agent, Godfrey knows what he’s talking about. He worked on both Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Godfrey hopes to capitalize on his action scene experience to bring excitement to this new series.

Evan Godfrey/ Climax SK

Creator, Evan Godfrey has worked on Mission Impossible. (Climax SK)

The Climax SK team is in the process of applying for funding to create the first season but if the response to the trailer is any indication, this show will speed into production. “People were so quick to express their excitement and interest in the show.” Godfrey says, “Our social media has exploded with people wanting to see more. It’s given us the motivation to really try and make this happen.”

The production team is also considering crowdfunding for the series just based on the viewer feedback from the trailer. If all goes well, filming will begin this Spring and the plan is to film parts of the series right in Climax. The team hopes to release the first season by the end of 2017.

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