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In Saskatoon “The Tempest” travels

In Saskatoon “The Tempest” travels
Roving show / Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan
Follow these four on a journey along the riverbank in The Tempest. (Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan)

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women are merely players.” William Shakespeare may have said it first, but Josh Beaudry is the first to make it reality on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon. As director of The Roving Show at Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, Beaudry is taking audiences on a journey… literally.

The play begins with four men, a plumber, a mechanic, an electrician and a painter, being banished from the big tent at Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan. They were all hoping to be cast in A Midsummer Night’s Dream but are rejected. Now using only the materials they can find in their trucks and the river trails around the site, they decide to stage The Tempest and the audience is along for the ride… and the walk.

Josh Beaudry / Shakespeare
Director Josh Beaudry is putting his own stamp on Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”. (Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan)

Beaudry says The Tempest is perfect for a show that moves from location to location. “Each scene is very separate from the other ones and they all converge at the end,” he explains. “This play is perfect to walk to because the story happens in real time rather than over weeks and days.”

This production breaks the mold of what audiences have come to expect at the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Festival. “It’s never been done here,” says Beaudry. “This show offers a lot of freedom to me and the actors but there are also things that are unplanned. It’s exciting for the audience and also for us night after night.”

“It’s exciting for the audience but also for us night after night.”

This production of The Tempest is just one of the twists the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan has for audiences. Actors in the summer productions always do double duty in two shows (A Midsummer Night’s Dream & J. Caesar). Since there is an all female cast of J. Caesar, The Roving Show was developed to let the men shine.

Beaudry says the play will evolve, “The constantly shifting sun over the course of the run may mean we have to change locations.” He continues, “Weather, trucks and traffic along the Meewasin Trail, even curious onlookers, we have to be ready for it all.”

The outdoor show will go ahead even if there is light rain so make sure you dress accordingly and bring good walking shoes. This show is sure to be a unique night of comedy, nature and adventure.

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