• Little Badger 2 / Britainy Zapshalla

Outdoor theatre celebrates community

Little Badger 2 / Britainy Zapshalla

Joseph Naytowhow (left) and the cast of Little Badger & the Fire Spirit. (Britainy Zapshalla)

It’s a musical journey through a magical world. Little Badger & The Fire Spirit is the latest offering from Saskatoon’s Sum Theatre. The company specializes in performances in unusual places and this marks the 4th year Sum Theatre is producing Theatre in the Park (July 4-29, 2016).

The story follows a blind First Nations boy as he sets out on a journey to bring fire to his people.

Little Badger / Britainy Zapshalla

Little Badger & the Fire Spirit is the tale of a young boy who braves danger to help his community. (Britainy Zapshalla)

“People will be touched as the music of the natural world envelops them,” says Sum Theatre’s artistic director Joel Bernbaum. “We’ll take them on a funny, meaningful journey.”

“People will be touched as the music of the natural world envelops them,”

This show was a collaboration from start to finish. Original music has been written and is performed by the cast members. It’s an emotional tale that the company hopes will bring community together.

They also hope that the very act of staging live, professional theatre in the park brings people together. Before the show, children are invited with their families to create a craft based on the play. Many of the sponsors are also taking part by bringing treats and holding giveaways on site. The whole experience is meant to be a fun night out for all ages.

“Theatre in the park is not just about the play,” says artistic producer Heather Morrison. “It’s about bringing the whole community out to experience it together.”

From a parents perspective, I like that it’s out in a community park and it doesn’t require me to tie down my toddler to watch the show. Also, it’s free. There’s no ticket, no pass the hat, no obligation for the audience other than to come, relax in the summer sunshine and enjoy the show.

You can get the full schedule here.