Brit’s Picks Dec. 17 – 24 Leave it to Weavers               Thurs. & Fri.                YouTube & Facebook It’s a tale of a family reunited after not seeing

Brit’s Picks Dec. 17 – 242020-12-16T12:15:40-06:00

Brit’s Picks Dec. 10 – 17 payēkwac Mon. - Dec. 21 Online We've all learned more about social distancing this year but artist Curtis Peeteetuce is

Brit’s Picks Dec. 10 – 172020-12-09T21:57:46-06:00

Brit’s Picks Dec. 3 – 10 *video courtesy of John D. Houston A Christmas Carol       Thurs. & Fri.       The Refinery    The classic story of Charles

Brit’s Picks Dec. 3 – 102020-12-02T10:17:11-06:00

Brit’s Picks Nov. 26 – Dec. 3 Fantastic Film Festival Now - Sat. Broadway Theatre Movie fans get ready because you’ve got some major binge watching coming

Brit’s Picks Nov. 26 – Dec. 32020-12-02T10:17:41-06:00

Brit’s Picks Nov. 19 – 26 A Visit To Vienna        Saturday                     Online           The next stop on the SSO’s musical journey around the

Brit’s Picks Nov. 19 – 262020-11-18T12:58:06-06:00

Brit’s Picks Sept. 10 – 17

A cozy fire and intriguing stories await you under the stars at Dancing Sky Theatre. (photo provided) Fireside Stories Sept.

Brit’s Picks Sept. 10 – 172020-09-17T14:54:29-06:00

A message from Brit’s Picks

The calm before the storm for me. Brit's Picks from March 12. (CTV Morning Live) What a difference a week

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** 2020 Juno Awards CANCELLED JUNOFest     Fri. & Sat. Various Venues The Junos are in town and that means music in every corner of our

** 2020 Juno Awards CANCELLED2020-09-17T14:54:35-06:00

Brit’s Picks Feb. 13 – 20

Piyisew Iskwesis brings brand new cast of characters and an original story to the Wide Open stage. (Wide Open Children's Theatre)

Brit’s Picks Feb. 13 – 202020-09-17T14:54:41-06:00

Brit’s Picks Jan. 16 – 23 The Wolves       Now – Jan.19 The Refinery A story about growing up and learning who you are both on and

Brit’s Picks Jan. 16 – 232020-09-17T14:54:53-06:00
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