Brit’s Picks Nov. 28 – Dec. 5 Saskatchewan Music Awards Thursday Broadway Theatre The best of our province's music scene will be on stage and celebrating Thursday

Brit’s Picks Nov. 28 – Dec. 52020-09-17T14:55:04-06:00

Brit’s Picks May 23 – 30 Joy of Vox: “Then & Now”                 Thurs. & Fri.    Cathedral of the Holy Family It’s springtime in Saskatoon and that

Brit’s Picks May 23 – 302020-09-17T14:56:47-06:00

Brit’s Picks April 11 – 18 #consent                     Now – April 15                    Various Venues It’s a look at responsible sexual behaviour and it’s a show being geared

Brit’s Picks April 11 – 182020-09-17T14:57:37-06:00

Brit’s Picks Nov. 29 – Dec. 6

  Saskatoon Children's Choir (Facebook) Angelic Song             Fri. &  Sat. Knox United Church There's nothing

Brit’s Picks Nov. 29 – Dec. 62020-09-17T15:04:10-06:00

Brit’s Picks May 24 – 31 Music Master      Thursday Knox United Church He's a favourite here in Saskatoon and not just cause his new

Brit’s Picks May 24 – 312020-09-17T15:05:41-06:00
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