Brit’s Picks Oct. 15 – 22 Legacy - A Tribute to Gord Downie Thursday Online It was a passion of Gord Downie. The late Tragically Hip

Brit’s Picks Oct. 15 – 222020-10-15T12:37:31-06:00

Brit’s Picks Oct. 1 – 8 Martin Janovsky         Fri. & Sat.        The Bassment The Bassment is finally opening back up and the club is kicking off

Brit’s Picks Oct. 1 – 82020-09-30T16:35:13-06:00

Brit’s Picks Sept. 17 – 24 Movie In the Park 2020 Stonebridge Sobeys Parking Lot 8:30p.m & 10:30p.m. Are you missing a night out at the

Brit’s Picks Sept. 17 – 242020-09-17T14:54:29-06:00

Brit’s Picks July 30 – Aug. 6 Turn, Turn, Turn… a travelling theatre experience Now – Aug. 16 Saskatoon & Martensville Sum Theatre is back at what

Brit’s Picks July 30 – Aug. 62020-09-17T14:54:29-06:00

Brit’s Picks Feb. 13 – 20

Piyisew Iskwesis brings brand new cast of characters and an original story to the Wide Open stage. (Wide Open Children's Theatre)

Brit’s Picks Feb. 13 – 202020-09-17T14:54:41-06:00

Brit’s Picks Feb. 6 – 13 Sonia Reid Noble Friday The Bassment Sonia Reid Noble is back on The Bassment stage this weekend. The vocalist and

Brit’s Picks Feb. 6 – 132020-09-17T14:54:45-06:00

Brit’s Picks Jan. 30 – Feb. 6

A celebration of ice & snow begins as Nutrien Wintershines packs your weekend with fun. (Facebook) Nutrien Wintershines Market Building

Brit’s Picks Jan. 30 – Feb. 62020-09-17T14:54:47-06:00

Melodrama on the menu at Chefs’ Gala & Showcase These are the meals of our lives.... There are few places where pairing a classy seven-course meal and the melodrama

Melodrama on the menu at Chefs’ Gala & Showcase2020-09-17T14:54:50-06:00

Brit’s Picks Nov. 28 – Dec. 5 Saskatchewan Music Awards Thursday Broadway Theatre The best of our province's music scene will be on stage and celebrating Thursday

Brit’s Picks Nov. 28 – Dec. 52020-09-17T14:55:04-06:00
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