Brit’s Picks Sept. 23 – 30



TCU Place & Online

$36 – $80

The Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra is back in full force this weekend. Its opening night performance will be live in front of an audience at TCU Place after being live streamed this past season. They aren’t doing away with the digital component though. Many of its concerts will also be live streamed and you can have your pick. Saturday night’s performance will feature songs you know and love like songs from Bernstein’s West Side Story and Bizet’s Carmen. Guest conductor Leslie Dala will take the podium to lead the orchestra and guest vocalist Danika Lorèn. Masks are mandatory for this performance and you will need to show your proof of vaccination to get in. Tickets are $36 – $80 and students can get in for as little as $15 dollars thanks to the 25 Below program the day of the concert. If you’d like to take in the live stream, you can grab a subscription for the entire season for $99.

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Capitol Music Club

They are know as Western Canada’s ultimate tribute to the Tragically Hip and they are back on stage at the Capitol Friday night. The 100th Meridian will perform Hip tunes that we all know and love and it’s always a great night out. Tickets are $10 – $15.

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*video courtesy of Bangladeshi Canadian Couple

NUIT BLANCHE 2021                 


Core Neighbourhood

Take a stroll through the streets of Saskatoon and take in all our arts community has to offer. Nuit Blanche is back. It’s the night-time arts festival full of visual art installations, music, theatre and contemporary performances and runs late into the evening. This year’s presenters include Evgenia Mikhalova’s Small Talk Opera which blends music and images, Monique Martin’s Breath which includes 20,000 glow in the dark butterflies ready to give away, and Richard Miller’s Touching Light which features music performed on a laser harp. There’s something for everyone and it’s completely free.

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Sept. 30 – Nov. 7

Thatcher Ave. Warehouse

Immerse yourself in the works of one of the world’s most famous painters. Imagine Van Gogh is a touring exhibition of projections of the artist’s work. More than 200 paintings are splashed across walls, the floor and ceiling and it’s all set to classical composers like Bach and Mozart. Tickets are $35 – $50.

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Ppl r Ppl Productions is back on stage for [title of show] at the Remai Arts Centre. (Ppl r Ppl)

[title of show]

Oct. 1 – 3

Remai Arts Centre

It’s a tale of artist up against a deadline and the clock is ticking. Ppl r Ppl Productions is back on stage with [title of show], a musical about insecurity, jealousy and creativity. The story follows an author, a composer and two lead actresses as they have 3 weeks to create a brand new musical. This cast of Kelsey Stone, Andy Linsley, Kristel Harder and Matthew Praskas is packed with talent and you don’t want to miss this limited run. Tickets are $25 – $35.

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