Brit’s Picks Feb. 25 – Mar. 4

Burnt Thicket Theatre offers up the next play in its audio drama series. (Facebook)


Begins Friday             


The second offering in Burnt Thicket Theatre’s Tied In Knots audio drama series is a modern take on switching places. Curtis Peeteetuce’s D.I.N.K.s is the tale of a couple, on the brink of the divorce that wake up in each other’s bodies. Peeteetuce says he wanted to explore the dynamics between couples as they try to unravel the past and come to a better understanding of each other. Lancelot Knight and Cheyanne Lemaigre will star in this play. The team suggests listening over a morning pot of tea. The show is free and you can access it on Burnt Thicket’s website but they are also welcoming donations to help support the theatre company.

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The Carnival of Venice

Saturday – 7:30p.m.

YouTube – Live Stream

Let the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra float you down the canal in its performance of The Carnival of Venice this weekend. This performance will be a celebration of baroque composers like Tartini, Marcello and Vivaldi. The concert will feature soloists from within the SSO ranks like trumpeter Dean McNeill, flutist Allison Miller and oboist Erin Brophey as well as Saskatoon soprano Chlesea Mahan. Tickets for the live stream are $20.

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A Year at Sherbrooke

Saturday – 1:00p.m.

Remai Modern

The celebration of the life and work of photographer Thelma Pepper continues at the Remai Modern this weekend. Saturday afternoon, the gallery will be screening A Year at Sherbrooke. The documentary by Thomas Hale follows Pepper and Sherbrooke’s artist in residence Jeff Nachtigall during 2019 as they work with residents at the care home. The film explores how creativity and artistic expression can change the lives of people of all different abilities and bring healing. It’s also a great chance to see the exhibit of Pepper’s work Ordinary Women which just opened this month. Admission to the gallery is $10-$12 and you should book your visit in advance to make sure you can attend.

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Knives Out                 

Saturday – 4:00p.m. & 7:00p.m.

Roxy Theatre  

Christopher Plummer made a lot of great movies over his career. The Canadian actor passed away this month at the age of 92 but he leaves behind gems like Knives Out for us to enjoy. The Roxy Theatre is marking his incredible legacy with a screening this weekend. Knives Out was one of Plummer’s last films and he plays an wealthy man who mysteriously dies when his extended family is staying at his home. This whodunit has a huge cast including actors like Chris Evans, Don Johnson and Jamie Lee Curtis. There’s an all ages show at 4:00p.m. and a licensed, adult screening at 7:00p.m..

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*Video courtesy of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix

Virtual Cooking Class            

Saturday – 6pm            


There no denying the comfort you can find in a home-cooked meal these days and local chefs at The Local Kitchen are pulling out all the stops to make it a fun event for the whole family. Saturday night, Chef Dana Chadorf will be teaching you how to create one of her favourites baked ziti and meatballs in an online Zoom tutorial. When you register, you will be sent an ingredients list for everything you need. There also options for a pre-measured meal kit ($65) and you can even add on a cocktail kit for spiked iced tea ($14). The class on it’s own is $40.

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Kohkom Finale                      

Sunday – 1:00p.m.           


It’s a YouTube series that was created to share stories, plenty of laughs and build excitement for Aboriginal Storytelling Month. Kohkom is a two-month vlog created by Curtis Peeteetuce, Marcel Petit and the Library Services for Saskatchewan Aboriginal Peoples. The program is a spin-off from Peeteetuce’s popular Rez Christmas plays It followed three kohkoms, Gloria Myo, Donna Lerat and Donna Merasty as they learned the ins and outs of theatre skills and shared stories of their own lives. The series even grabbed the attention of Shaw Spotlight which has been airing episodes on the cable channel. This weekend, the program comes to a close with a Zoom party. The ladies will be performing readings from the plays they’ve been working on and answer questions from the audience. The event is free but you need to register.

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JJ Voss – Live & Local

Wednesday – 7:00p.m.                

Facebook Live

Like so many musicians right now, the pandemic has been working hard to perform. Voss is hot off the release of his latest album Come Along with Me which received 7 Saskatchewan Country Music Award nominations. Voss has been doing his best to support local businesses with his Live & Local Wednesdays series this past year. The show streams from the Rochdale Roadhouse in Regina and features interviews and performances with guest musicians. This week, Voss will be joined by country musician Alex Runions.

To tune in, follow this link.