• Rosie and the Riveters/ Crystal Skrupski

Brit’s Picks May 10 – 17

Windy Welcome         Friday – May 27

Dancing Sky Theatre – Meacham

Dancing Sky Theatre is capping off its 20th season with a play commissioned just for them. Blow Wind is a production that fuses the powerhouse talents of playwright Daniel Macdonald and singer/songwriter Eileen Laverty. The story follows Kathleen, the matriarch of a farm family who’s developed early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Her children are left to decide how they care for her and what happen to the family farm. The music is beautiful and there’s something that everyone can identify with within this story. Tickets are $30 for the show and $56 if you want to come for the meal before the performance.

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Sassy Songbirds           Friday

Third Ave. United Church

Celebrating strong women and tight harmonies, Rosie and the Riveters are at it again. The Saskatoon trio that specializes in vintage melodies is back in town in the middle of a North American tour. The ladies are out in force to promote their new album Ms. Behave. They say the new music is in response to all of the headlines around the world  about being a woman in this day and age. Songs like Let Em’ Talk and I Believe You are anthems of empowerment for women. This will be a lovely evening out. Tickets are $30.

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Femme Fatale         Saturday

SaskTel Centre

She may have dropped off the country music landscape for 15 years but now the top selling female country artist of all time is back. Shania Twain has been all over the world with her new album Now. Fans will have a chance to check out her fresh music as well as party to some of her greatest hits. The reviews so far have been great so if you’re a country music fan, you’ll wanna be here. Tickets are $60 – $180.

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Frosty Fun          May 16 – 20

SaskTel Centre

Acrobatics, feats of strength, dance and theatrics; all things you’d expect in a Cirque Du Soleil performance but what happens when you take the show to the ice? Crystal  is the first time the company has tackled a show on ice and it combines gymnasts with world-class skaters. The show has been all over North America and it’s stopping in Saskatoon for a week. Tickets are $40 – $100.

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Radiant Boy/ Persephone Theatre

Radiant Boy – A Hip Hop Musical is the latest creation from Persephone Theatre’s Young Company. (Persephone Theatre)

Celebrating Diversity      May 16 – 20

Backstage Stage

Playwright Daniel Macdonald is crazy busy this month with two shows opening within days of each other. Along with Blow Wind out in Meacham, Macdonald’s Radiant Boy is also hitting the stage. For this show Macdonald collaborated with Grade 12 student Marion Graham and composer Deanna Stockdale to create a musical about being your true self. Radiant Boy – A Hip Hop Musical is the story of 6 year old Geoffery who decides he wants to wear a pink tutu to his first day of school. The bullying that results sticks with him through his life and as an adult, he decides to fight back against it. This is a story about the confidence to just be yourself. Tickets are $16.

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